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School time!
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Welcome to school_time. Everything you do here is graded:

A: 90 - 100
B: 89 - 80
C: 79 - 74
D: 74 - 70
F: 69 - below

Your post significance is graded. Your grammar skills are graded. Your use of vocabulary is graded. Yes, you yourself are graded. To even consider being an active member of this community, you should have knowledge of:

- Movies
- Music
- TV
- Culture
- The World
- World Issues
- School
- Computers
- Yourself

There is no application. Once you are in the community - the real challenge starts. There will be monthly essay/photo essay contests. The "student" with the highest grade will be student of the month and recieve a graphic of their choice. The SOTM will also be featured on our user info page along with a short biography, their winning essay included. We will be on name basis here. no <*lj* username=*> tags here, it'll be Sam, John Doe, Jane Doe, etc.

If you fail more than three assignments, you will be asked to leave the community - or do extra credit work. All a students can help to grade other students essays. Always remember to check back periodically to the user info for homework assignments.

I want this community to be interesting, you if you've always wanted to be a part of something like this, please join today.

To get our school running, the first 5 members will be promoted to classroom moderators.


turnstochaos - Samantha


New Students:

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Current homework assignments:
Describe your current surroundings using the most detail possible. Assignment due by 1/6/06.

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