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She with many names [userpic]
Assignment for 1/6/06
by She with many names (musicfreak379)
at January 5th, 2006 (06:08 pm)
current mood: busy
current song: Kahit Pa -Hale

Assignment for 1/6/06:
Describe your current surroundings using the most detail possible.

I'm currently here in an internet shop...one called Netscape.com. The shop is divided into two sections...one is for those who only wish to surf the internet and/or do their school assignments. The other is for those who play games...like Ragnarok, Flyff, and Counter Strike. Internet surfing is banned there. Boys usually fill that area, and from where I am, you can hear them yelling.
I'm obviously in section for internet surfers/homework doers as I'm typing this. I'm in the middle of two computers...the one on the right is occupied by a girl still in her school uniform. A classmate is there with her, and they seem to be talking about a school assignment. The computer on the left is unoccupied...it's simply a blank screen reflecting lights. Behind me are a row of other computers, all occupied except for two. All seem to be occupied by students doing their homework, or chatting online through Yahoo! Messenger.
Plastic chairs are neatly placed in front of the unoccupied computers, and a blue mouse pad is present in almost all computer spaces. The walls are painted a bright orange, and the glass panes and door are covered in blinds. A radio which I can't see is blaring songs by local bands and artists.
This place is where I usually spend my time after school. This is one place I'm not likely to forget, simple as it is, and noisy.


Posted by: turnstochaos (turnstochaos)
Posted at: January 5th, 2006 08:25 pm (UTC)

Grammar: 97
Topic: 100
Description of topic: 94

Total: 97

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